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2007 Electric Toyota Forklift

3 Stage Side Shift Forks Adjust Hydraulically

3000 lb

​36 Volt Battery & 3 Phase Charger

​Warehouse Tires

3000 lb Hyundai Propane Forklift

3 Stage Side Shift

90% Tires

Misubishi Air Tire Outdoor Forklift

Double Stage Clear View

3000 lb Capacity


Standard Shift

Toyota Pneumatic Diesel Forklift

3 Stage Side Shift

​Solid Tires

​8000 hours

2010 Toyota Electric Forklift 36 Volt Battery

3 Phase Charger

3 Stage Side Shift

Low Hours


Please view our company’s current inventory. Our fleet ranges from multiple brands to industry specific. ​

View photos of our latest makes and models below, or please contact us for more information.  

2007 Toyota Reach Truck

85% 24 Volt Refurbished Battery

10000 hours


2008 Electric Toyota 36 Volt Forklift

3000 lb

3 Phase Charger

​New Tires

2008 Yale Forklifts

Propane Warehouse

Original Paint​

Forks Adjust Hydraulically

​Side Shift 7000 lb

8000 lb Clark Space Saver Forklift
Perkins Motor

3 Stage Side Shift


Cheap Toyota Propane Forklift

3 Stage

​6000 lb

​Runs Great, Just Ugly!

8000 lb Clark Forklift
Electric 36 Volt Battery
3 Phase Charger

3 Stage 

Forks Adjust Hydraulically

Lifting-Moving-Working Hard

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2007 Toyota Pnuematic Propane Forklift

Outdoor Tires

​3000 lb

​3 Stage Side Shift